Thirumagal - Best Scenes | Full EP free on SUN NXT | 20 Feb 2021 | Sun TV | Tamil Serial
Watch the Best Scenes of popular Tamil Serial Thirumagal, that airs on Sun TV.

Anjali, a young, bold and daring girl runs a food on wheels with her father while the Raja who belongs to a rich Zamindar family falls in love with Anjali. She questions anyone who wrongs and is always at loggerheads with the Raja’s mother Aishwarya. Anjali challenges Aishwarya that she would marry her son Raja and would become the daughter-in-law of the house.

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  • Rosa Mistica
    Rosa Mistica

    Ithula vara song enna?

  • Jayaram Selvan
    Jayaram Selvan

    Raja anjaliyai poduvana maatana?

  • rahul jeyam
    rahul jeyam

    Nice pair rajanjali 😍😍😍

  • Noorul Aadila
    Noorul Aadila

    Rajanjali 😘😘 such a cute couple 😍😍 👌👌 🤗

  • Kavitha's Food court
    Kavitha's Food court

    Handsome hero❤️🤗 Nanum en ammavum channel aarambichu paarunga...pudicha subscribe panunga❤️....pudikalana suggestion kodunga ....thanks in advance🙏

  • Shallini Shallini
    Shallini Shallini

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    • Hari Priya A
      Hari Priya A

      Link pls