Kannana Kanne - Preview | Full EP free on SUN NXT | 22 Feb 2021 | Sun TV | Tamil Serial
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Watch the Preview of popular Tamil Serial #KannanaKanne that airs on Sun TV.
Kannana Kanne is a family drama serial on Sun TV. Goutham, a rich businessman despises his daughter Meera as he holds her responsible for the loss of his beloved wife and immense wealth on the day she was born. Though Meera shares a special bond with her stepmother and stepsister, she grows up yearning for her father’s love and affection. Will destiny pave the way for Meera to win over her father’s heart.
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    Nice preview..

  • Rojar Rojar
    Rojar Rojar


  • Tharani R
    Tharani R


  • Vijaya Mary
    Vijaya Mary

    Do not drag it was going nicely

  • Anitha Dhananjali
    Anitha Dhananjali

    Best serial super,

  • Yuki Sree
    Yuki Sree

    கண்ரேலே இல்லாம்ம கண்ணு கலங்குது

  • Tamilyalini Sada
    Tamilyalini Sada

    Nallave illai

  • Tamilyalini Sada
    Tamilyalini Sada

    Meeraku first nalla makeup poduga

  • Ananadankrishnan M
    Ananadankrishnan M

    Anuradha mam lived as Kamala aachi Beautiful acting by her bring her back as her sister from other state

  • Dhanam Dhanam
    Dhanam Dhanam

    Supper sreial


    Paatis dialogue is always indomitable

  • Kirthana Padamanathan
    Kirthana Padamanathan

    Sun tv eadhuku serial rendu naal kalichu podringa plz serial mudinjadhum MRfor la upload pannunga plz 😢

  • Usha Gopal
    Usha Gopal

    Meera's pathi die also meera's face have a lot of make up

  • Mano Mayoo
    Mano Mayoo

    I would like to watch promo only because I couldn’t see the serial without the Paaddi... horrible!!

  • Siva sankar. B
    Siva sankar. B

    I am missing my grandma while seeing this patti, I was in the memory of grandma after seeing this......patti iruthiruka kodathu......

  • Maya Maya
    Maya Maya

    மீராவ மாத்துங்க எப்பயுமே அலுதுட்டேவா இருப்பாங்க எருச்சல இருக்கு தெய்வ மகள் சீரியல போல் எடுங்க

    • Sharaf Sharaf
      Sharaf Sharaf


    • Maya Maya
      Maya Maya

      @M Yaseen Ammar மரியாதியா பெசு

    • M Yaseen Ammar
      M Yaseen Ammar

      Podi maya Meeradan venue

  • ADITHYA. R 154
    ADITHYA. R 154

    Patti acting super 👌👌👌👌

  • Thulasi Mani
    Thulasi Mani

    Meera ku makeup ah kuracha nalla irukum

  • Keets Rockzz
    Keets Rockzz

    1 st view😎🙄🙄😏

  • Thavanayaki Balasundaram
    Thavanayaki Balasundaram

    Why kill the patty

  • Marzuka Banu
    Marzuka Banu


  • Shelin Lorita
    Shelin Lorita

    Pattiyai sagadikama erunthurukalam

  • Sahana Kasiviswanathan
    Sahana Kasiviswanathan

    Only Yuva knows about Vasugi now. He is shouldered with the responsibility of protecting the family. Waiting to see if and how he will reveal about Vasugi or if not, how is he going to tackle her. Miss Preethi

    • Sahana Kasiviswanathan
      Sahana Kasiviswanathan

      @farida ghany yes sis! Paati promise vere vangittanga. So Yuva can’t tell Gautham or anyone about it. Single handedly he has to tackle Vasugi. Yuva role ku importance irukkum nu nenaikiren

    • farida ghany
      farida ghany

      Sahana sis! After this Yuva 's responseblity very heavy!! I wonder how he going to hendle.. Pity namba hero.... 😥😥

  • Gokul Gokul
    Gokul Gokul


  • Mohammed Ayaan en bro kawaka
    Mohammed Ayaan en bro kawaka

    Eppvum ammamma love BST thn

  • Anu Nv
    Anu Nv

    S Patti thirumba konduvanga avunga dead scene rmba feel aguthu

  • Reetha M Tuttu
    Reetha M Tuttu

    Pls don't kill patti.let it be a dream

  • Lakshmi M
    Lakshmi M

    Edtha pakum pothu yean patti nebagam varuthu miss you ajjima😔😟😟

  • Parthi Venugopal
    Parthi Venugopal

    Nowadays Kannana kannae Serial is only worthy serial in sun tv to watch.

    • Parthi Venugopal
      Parthi Venugopal

      @My Imaginative World of Art why they want to do so . Both serials are produced by same company. I think to get trp for roja serial they are giving more negativity so that people will watch those episode which is combination of emotions, sentiments ,investigations scenes .

    • My Imaginative World of Art
      My Imaginative World of Art

      @pratheesh Panneer no dude. its saregama plan to degrade roja so that the roja viewers will shift to anbe vaa.

    • Muthu Esakkiammal Raja
      Muthu Esakkiammal Raja


    • pratheesh Panneer
      pratheesh Panneer

      @Parthi Venugopal yes roja va vida anbe vaa best

    • Parthi Venugopal
      Parthi Venugopal

      @pratheesh Panneer Yes agreed but sometimes anbae va also has more negativity

  • suriya yash
    suriya yash


  • suriya yash
    suriya yash

    Vera level serial ...✨ My heart is 💔💔

  • mafazu deen
    mafazu deen

    i miss my grandma while seeing this iam in memory of my grandma

  • Roshan Collections
    Roshan Collections

    Nice superb

  • Saran Ammu
    Saran Ammu

    Super. But feel.

  • Sun Val
    Sun Val

    Good to have happy serials

  • Sun Val
    Sun Val

    No no...director. why. We love this kind Paati. Please. Must be a dream. Horrible evil Paati in Roja serial already torturing us. We hate Roja serial. Just started watching this lovely serial. .please .. bring her back as twin Paati...

  • michie mich
    michie mich

    Too weak meera

  • Maha Anjel
    Maha Anjel

    உண்மையாகவே இறந்துட்டாங்களா😭😭

    • Mhd Anoof
      Mhd Anoof

      om ena kanavule nadanthe maathiriyum kaatiruvaange

  • Let's do with Sakeena
    Let's do with Sakeena

    I’m the 1000 th view 😂😂 100 th like 👍 Down everyone is flighting I m I’m first view 👇😂😂😂

  • Status TV
    Status TV

    Allu Arjun's sarrainodu(சரைய்னோடு) tamil version telecast pannu ga suntv

  • Srani Patnaik
    Srani Patnaik

    Director sir,this episode is not nice bcoz u made vasuki to stay with meera😍😍😍gautham😎home😊Hope for 🔥🔥🔥🔥 interesting episodes😊

  • Dr. P. Akshaya Gowri
    Dr. P. Akshaya Gowri

    அழுகுறதே 2 நிமிடம் காட்டுறாங்க கடவுளே

    • M Yaseen Ammar
      M Yaseen Ammar


  • Deepu D
    Deepu D

    Heroine acting not upto the mark.Pls improve in emotional scenes

  • Kumaran lakshmi
    Kumaran lakshmi




  • Talal Malki
    Talal Malki

    3 rd like

  • Talal Malki
    Talal Malki

    First veiw

    • Alfina Alfi
      Alfina Alfi

      First veiw

  • Akther suman Akther suman
    Akther suman Akther suman

    Iam first view

  • Talal Malki
    Talal Malki


  • JD master
    JD master


  • Talal Malki
    Talal Malki

    First comment hi

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Homely Girls?
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